Certified Weather Statement Request Form

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Certified Weather Statement Request Form



Returning customers can make their $25 payment by clicking on the Paypal button above but don’t forget to fill out the certified statement request form and hit the submit button in the request form to provide the details on the weather event you are requesting for a Certified Weather Statement.

New clients or first-time requests MUST please print out this form and send it along with the minimum fee of $25.00 via U.S. Mail to:

New England Weather Science 15 Summit Ave Hull, MA 02045

  • A minimum fee of $25.00 per request will be charged. Your invoice will be based on the rate of $5.00 per period (daily, hourly, monthly) requested.
  • Existing clients, lawyers, insurance offices and property managers/contractors can be invoiced for the Certified Weather Statements.
  • Weather records are kept as a normal matter of N.E.W.S. business and thus have proven acceptable in all legal, insurance and contractor verification matters.