Weather Alerts is an important part of Preparation

Critical facilities comprise all public and private facilities deemed by a community to be essential for the delivery of vital services, protection of special populations, and the provision of other services of importance for that community. Consistent and reliable weather information is vital for preparation for critical facilities.


Staying abreast of weather forecasts, both daily and long-range helps in the continuity of operations and preparedness.

Fire & Police Departments

During emergency response both fire and police drivers need to be especially aware of changing conditions when patchy ice is present.

Data Centers

Proper steps must be taken to ensure that the data center infrastructure support systems remain operational during an extreme weather event since many of these of type locations are dark sites with minimal staffing.

Hazardous installations

One of the most dangerous and costly mistakes chemical plant managers can make is neglecting to prepare hazardous waste for the impact of extreme weather.

Experts in Precision Forecasting

From the largest to smallest municipalities and businesses, we are experts in working with snow and ice managers of any size to help their operations and bottom line.


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Expect unique location-specific hand-prepared forecasts and access to experienced meteorologists at the ready.

“Unmatched in the annals of weather forecasting!”

– The Boston Globe

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