Features & Benefits

Our value is in our features and Benefits and where our clients report recouping their investment as early as a single storm! 
  Features &
  • Meteorologists on call 24/7/365
  • Advanced warnings
  • Precise timing of weather events
  • Regularly scheduled updates
  • FREE Phone app is Simultaneous
  • Location-specific forecasts available on our website, by e-mail, fax, mobile app
  • Certified weather statements for “inches of snow” and other conditions
  • Established and proven track record
  • New England based Service
  • Know when to schedule staff in a timely fashion conserving your budget.
  • Decide whether to treat vs. plow from detailed information such as a specific start time and when the first inch of snow will accumulate on YOUR ROADS.
  • A forecast focused on your needs such as snowfall rates, how much and when snow/ice will accumulate on paved vs. non-paved surfaces, breaks or lulls, and times when icing is the greatest concern.
  • Receive certified past weather reports once the snow stops with town specific details of the event.
  • Ability to call us 24/7 to discuss the weather and your actions with a local meteorologist.
  • Receive alerts from us of upcoming weather so you can make the best of limited resources.

Do you enjoy the process of weather information management? Leave it in the hands of an experienced meteorologist.

Give yourself a break.

Leave the heavy lifting to trained and seasoned professionals so you can better utilize your valuable time focusing on more direct operational logistics.

Take away the stress, get more sleep, and further your budget. Do not put your reputation on the line with every storm event. Allow Precision Weather Forecasting to guide your decision making process.