PWF Services

Package A
Storm Warning Reports & On Demand Meteorologists for One Year
  • Storm Warnings cover events such as: winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, flooding, high wind, etc. 
  • Storm Warnings provide location-specific weather information issued up to 72hrs ahead of the event. 
  • Updates issued at 2am, 8am, 1pm, 8pm & as needed to keep you informed before, during & after the event.
  • On demand meteorologists are always available  24/7/365 to answer your weather related questions.
  • PWF can proactively call you ahead of an event to discuss the storm and help plan for your operations. 
  • All forecasts and consulting provided by local American Meteorological Society degreed meteorologists. 
  • Forecasts provided via email, fax, website/mobile app (with website/app subscription), and/or telephone.
Package B
Package A, PLUS a Daily 5-Day Forecast Issued November 1 – April 30
  • All the features of Package A plus PWF’s daily 5-day forecasts for winter season planning.
  • Daily Forecasts are location-specific and issued every morning. 
  • Reports provide detailed daily weather information and a New England weather story.
  • A good solution for scheduling staff, preparing materials / equipment, and planning projects several days in advance of threatening late fall, winter, and early spring weather.
Package C
Package A, PLUS a Daily 5-Day Forecast Issued All Year Long
  • All the features of Package A plus PWF’s daily 5-day forecasts for year-round planning.
  • In addition to the features described in Package B, our year-round Daily Forecasts will help you plan days in  advance for heavy rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes, heat waves, flooding and other warm season threats. 
Decline  Service Features
 Web / Mobile Application Service
  • Decline Website / Mobile App Access: Removes online access to all the above mentioned forecast products and radar/satellite imagery via the PWF website and mobile app (Android & iOS).
Add  Service Features
 Certified Weather Statements
  • Add Certified Weather Statements: Sent promptly after every winter weather event and/or season. Statements provide a detailed town/city-specific recap of each weather event including the “inches of snow.” These are invaluable for promptly capturing and certifying your expenses.