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Our team of meteorologists work around the clock to cover weather data at all times. our mission to provide accurate forecasts with our personalized touch. Every forecast and meteorological report is constructed, reviewed and analyzed by us for you. We provide 24/7 access to speaking with one of our professionals who is able to explain the current or forecasted weather and answer any questions you may have. Accuracy and precision with weather forecasting, takes perseverance, dedication, and knowledge of modern technologies and models all of which you can expect from us. You can be sure we have a service package that will fit your needs.

Package A

Storm Warning Reports & On-Demand Meteorologists for One Year

Package B

Package A, PLUS a Daily 5-Day Forecast Issued November 1 – April 30

Package C

Package A, PLUS a Daily 5-Day Forecast Issued All Year Long

Decline Service Features

Web / Mobile Application Service
Decline Website / Mobile App Access: Removes online access to all the above-mentioned forecast products and radar/satellite imagery via the PWF website and mobile app (Android & iOS)

Add Service Features

Certified Weather Statements
Add Certified Weather Statements: Sent promptly after every winter weather event and/or season. Statements provide a detailed town/city-specific recap of each weather event including the “inches of snow.” These are invaluable for promptly capturing and certifying your expenses.


Well Done,
You Did It!

You can sleep without Stress tonight!
Expect unique location-specific hand-prepared forecasts and access to experienced meteorologists at the ready.

“Unmatched in the annals of weather forecasting!”

– The Boston Globe

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