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Date: 03/23/2018
Time: 1:01 PM
By: Rob Gilman

Weather Headlines
New England Weather Story
Chilly as clouds increase into this evening.

A strong ridge of High-pressure banked across north-central Canada will push to the
southeast over the next few days. This High should bring a stretch of dry, but
unseasonably cold weather early next week. It also appears this High should keep any
storminess well to our south on Sunday, but we can't rule snow-showers Saturday night
into Sunday morning as an upper-level Low pushes across New England with some ocean

Monday and Tuesday look to be dry and cold with moderating temperatures heading
into the middle of the week.
The forecast for Marshfield, MA    Sunset - 7:00PM
  This PM:  Some sun to clouds with a spot snow or rain shower around late. N breeze at 3 to 7mph.
  Tonight:  An early shower of snow or rain around, breaking clouds.
  Saturday:  Some sun to clouds. Watch for a snow shower around during the afternoon, into the evening.
  Sunday:  Blustery, clouds, snow shower or two.
The 3-Day Forecast
Today Saturday Sunday
AM Sun & PM Clouds AM Sun & PM Clouds AM Snow & PM Sun
45°F  45°F 38°F
  28°F 32°F