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Date: 05/21/2019
Time: 1:01 PM
By: Rob Gilman

Weather Headlines
New England Weather Story
Much drier and breezy into this evening.

High pressure gradually makes its way to New England by Wednesday so the next two days stand to feature a good amount of sunshine with comfortable afternoons.

The High slides off the coast as Low pressure approaches through NY State on Thursday. Showers accompanying the Low presently look to hold off until Thursday night, but do expect clouds to increase and temperatures will be just right for late May. Some showers linger early Friday morning, but otherwise the day appears dry and a bit cooler as clouds gradually break.

Overall, the weekend and Memorial Day appear decent. Showers are currently expected between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The temperature rises a bit more each day, becoming warm by Sunday.
The forecast for Marshfield, MA    Sunset - 08:04 PM
  This PM:Seasonable under sunshine mixed with clouds. Remaining breezy with a persistent NW at 8-18 mph, gusting 25-30 mph.
  Tonight:Brisk under a clear sky.
  Wednesday:A splendid day featuring lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
  Thursday:Sunshine to start, but expect clouds to gradually thicken. Showers look to hold off until Thursday night.
The 3-Day Forecast
Today Wednesday Thursday
AM Sun & PM Clouds Sunny AM Sun & PM Clouds
Bit Breezy Very Nice Shwrs. At Night
69°F  69°F 66°F
  47°F 50°F